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mk road series

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mki road

The MkI Road was developed and hand-built in Northern California to meet the demands of one of the most diverse and competitive cycling regions in the world. This all-around high performance frame is the perfect tool for any serious rider and excels in all areas of road riding and racing.

Current wait time: 3 months for custom order, some sizes in stock

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mkiI disc road

The new MKII Disc Road carries on the spirit of the MKI while responding to the evolution of road cycling, embracing the enhanced performance that disc brakes and a 32mm tire clearance can offer. Pairing these improvements with our unique design and fabrication processes results in one of the best aluminum road bikes in the world, with not only the looks, but even more comfort, stopping power and speed, rivaling the performance of some of the best high end carbon frames out there. No Joke.

Current wait time: 3 months for custom order, some sizes in stock

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While the first two bikes in the MK Road Series are all business, this new addition is our most laid back and versatile bike in the lineup, but wouldn’t be a LOW// if it wasn’t made to go fast. The MKIII Gravel Road is designed for long days in the saddle and exploring strange new (or old) roads at any speed you can handle.

The MKIII road frame employs a similar custom extruded and shaped tubeset to the other frames in the MK Road Series, with some key, gravel specific differences. Smaller seat stays for more compliance and increased clearance in the chainstays, to allow for a wide range of tire sizes. Our gravel specific geometry features lower bottom bracket and slacker head tube angle for stability, while the increased head tube stack allows for a more relaxed riding position.




MKIV Cross 

Track // Single Speed

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MKV Track Standard 

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