There are three ways to order your frameset or complete bike:


Fill out the Low Bicycles Order Form to get the exact bicycle of your dreams. Your order can be paid in full, or you also have the option of paying in increments during the wait period. Before ordering your frame or contacting us for ordering information, we recommend checking out our price list to view all available order options.


 For those looking for more comprehensive service and/or a more personal ordering experience, we offer our bicycles through a limited number of authorized dealers



We carry a limited inventory of our most popular models and sizes, as well as refurbished bikes in-stock on our webstore. Most in-stock items are available for delivery within 2-3 weeks*                                                                                           



* Availability is limited, and estimated delivery dates are not guaranteed. In-stock frames and complete bikes are sold as is, on a first-come-first-served basis only. Subscribe to our mailing list to receive notifications . If you wish to pre-order or custom order a frame or a complete bike, please fill out our Order Form.