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Low Bicycles is a small-scale manufacturer of some of the finest hand-crafted aluminum bicycle frames out there. We build bicycles that are desirable not simply because they are handmade in the U.S.A., but because they are well built, fast, beautiful, and above all else, capable of performing at the highest levels. We constantly strive to improve our bikes by growing and evolving with the cycling community that supports us. We invest countless hours in designing, testing, and most importantly, racing our frames in the real world. Through this process, we are irrevocably elevating cyclists’ perceptions of what a high quality aluminum bicycle can be.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              -Andrew Low

design philosophy

Our designs reflect a passion for the sport, the craft, and the culture. Here in San Francisco, we are at ground-zero of one of the most vibrant cycling communities in the world.  Our mission is to honor the craft by staying local and maintaining a high degree of in-house design and production, and honor our heritage by continually working with and responding to the needs of the cycling community to provide the highest quality and fastest bikes we can build. Because we take pride in the quality and precision of our work, each frame is handmade in-house, in small batch production runs.

We are not trying to reinvent the wheel. We build race bikes. Our frames are built to go fast and be tough. Our geometries remain true to, and are intended for competitive racing; with aggressive profiles, responsive handling, and overall strength and stiffness. Our aesthetic is brash and bold, emphasizes clean lines, smooth welds, supple contours, proportion, power and simplicity.

why aluminum?

While we intend to work with other materials in the future, over the years we have carved out a niche for ourselves in the industry as on of the finest producers of aluminum bicycle frames. 

Aluminum is a remarkably soft and light metal, lending itself to be an excellent material for a high-performance race bicycle: The softness of the material allows us to tune in compliance and comfort, while the light weight allows us achieve massive stiffness by using large, over-sized tubing without adding any meaningful weight penalty. Also, over their lifetimes, aluminum frames are incredibly reliable, and will take whatever you can dish out. 

No other common frame material, except for carbon fiber, allows for this type of versatility. While carbon fiber dominates the high end bicycle market, our handmade aluminum frames fill a big gap in the handmade bike market. At a fraction of the price, our frames are great option for competitive riders on a less-than-unlimited budget, or everyday shredders looking for something different: handmade, yet unpretentious.

the process

Our process begins with our own custom extruded aluminum tubes, which are then precision shaped at our shop. After that, welding is just one of the many steps involved in the fabrication process, but it is what really sets Low Bicycles apart from the rest of the industry. We have perfected a multi-pass smooth weld technique that is significantly more labor intensive than the welding process used by our competitors. The larger smoothed out fillets not only look good, but they increase joint stiffness, and reduce stress risers that lead to cracks and frame failure. Stress risers are commonly associated with sharp angle breaks at the tube junctions of aluminum frames. All our frames are then machined and finished with a durable and attractive powder coat finish. The finished product is one of the best aluminum bike frames money can buy.