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Flexshape Tubing

Flexshape Tubing is a tube shaping process developed in-house at Low Bicycles to maximize the benefits of an aluminum bicycle frame. 

Flexshape Tubing works on the principle that stiffness and flexibility along the horizontal and vertical axis of a bicycle frame can be tuned by manipulating the shape of the tubes in specific areas: wide profiles along the horizontal axis, and narrow profiles along the vertical axis.

The Flexshape tube shaping process is starts with our custom extruded 7005 aluminum tubing. These tubes are mechanically shaped with a series of benders and presses to an exact shape. The end result is beautifully shaped tubing, simulating many of the benefits of hydroformed tubing while maintain a small scale of production.

Tuning and shaping our tube profiles not only creates uniquely attractive and organic shapes, but adds comfort and stiffness to the frame. This makes our bikes incredibly versatile, yielding excellent performance characteristics across a wide range of riding conditions - ideal for long distances and club riding, in addition to being extremely stiff and responsive race machines.

The combination of small scale manufacturing with innovative manufacturing techniques such as the Flexshape tubing process allow us to achieve a level of quality, character and passion that is not found in the larger cycling brands, while emulating the performance advantages that are only possible through the sophisticated manufacturing techniques of a larger manufacturer. This is one of the key features that sets a Low Bicycles frame apart from the rest of the industry.