Custom geometry

We can build custom geometries using measurements provided by you or a third party fitter. To order custom geometry please provide measurements A-E (see below) and add them to the ‘Notes’ section of your order form. Please contact us if you have any questions on how to take your measurements at home, or how to translate your fit numbers to our requested measurements.

custom geo.png

A (Seat tube length): Actual distance of center of bottom bracket to top of saddle midpoint

B (Saddle setback): Effective horizontal distance from center of bottom bracket to tip of saddle.

C (Saddle length): Effective horizontal distance from tip of saddle to center of usable section of rails.

D (Saddle to handlebar): Actual distance from tip of saddle to center/top of handlebar.

E (Handlebar drop): Effective vertical distance from top of saddle to top of handlebars